San Diego NBC 7: San Diego to See Major Road Improvements with California’s Gas Tax Hike

October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017

Drivers will welcome some major road improvements in San Diego, approved Wednesday by the County Board of Supervisors with funding from California’s gas tax hike.

The road projects are severely overdue with San Diego’s roads and freeways ranked the eighth roughest in the nation a few years ago by a transportation research group called TRIP.

Governor Jerry Brown signed SB-1, the road repair and accountability act of 2017 into law last spring. The most beat-up roads across the county are first in line to get repairs.

Some streets in Spring Valley are part of a group of 115 roads in unincorporated areas of San Diego County scheduled for repair in the first year of California’s new gas tax.

Spring Valley resident Jim Custeux told NBC 7, the last time he remembers the streets being repaired in his neighborhood was about 30 years ago.

He added the area is badly in need of being repaired.

“When my grandkids come over now and ride their bikes around in the street and their scooters, if they fall with a nice clean asphalt overlay, their injuries will be a little less severe than my kids had to endure,” Custeux said.

The County Board of Supervisors approved a list which adds up to nearly 200 miles worth of repairs–about 10 percent of all the roads they oversee.

These improvements have been needed for decades. Along with the county, individual cities across the region are also getting millions of dollars from SB-1 to repair local roads.

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