Fontana Herald News: Grants are awarded to local agencies thanks to SB1 funding

December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017 
Caltrans has announced that the first planning grants funded through the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2014 (SB 1) have been awarded to local agencies to support their efforts to plan more sustainable communities, reduce transportation-related greenhouse gases and adapt for the effects of climate change.

During this week’s California Transportation Commission (CTC) meeting, nearly $32 million in grants were awarded. In total, SB 1 (which is funded by an increase in the gasoline tax) will provide more than $270 million in planning grants for local communities over the next decade.

“These grants will provide much needed funding to support the efforts to improve transportation in local communities and plan for a future impacted by climate change,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “In addition to the many projects already accelerated thanks to SB 1, this is just one more example of how we’re committed to rebuilding California.”

Among the grants awarded were nearly $25 million in Sustainable Community grants to 43 local and regional multimodal transportation and land use planning projects.

These planning grants will provide funding to support regional sustainable community strategies and ultimately achieve the state’s greenhouse gas reductions targets of 40 and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and 2050, respectively. SB 1 provides $25 million annually to this grant program which is awarded both competitively and by formula to eligible projects.


—– City of Rialto

Rialto Active Transportation Plan

The Rialto Active Transportation Plan will provide a community-driven, evidence-based set of recommended programs and infrastructure projects to make walking and bicycling safer, more comfortable, and more convenient throughout Rialto. The project will include a focus on engaging disadvantaged communities, prioritizing recommendations to provide the greatest benefit with limited resources, and creating a realistic, actionable implementation plan.

Project cost: $220,912

Grant award: $200,000

—– San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

Comprehensive Pedestrian Sidewalk Connectivity Plan

The SBCTA requested $600,000 to develop a countywide Comprehensive Pedestrian Sidewalk Connectivity Plan. The plan and its database tool will assist regional and local agencies in active transportation planning, decision-making, and construction of priority sidewalk projects.

Project cost: $677,737

Grant award: $600,000

—– City of Redlands

Redlands Transit Village Plans

The city will develop three transit village plans within the half-mile radius of each of the three new stations scheduled to open in 2021. These plans will promote transit-oriented development in support of the goals established in the recently updated Redlands General Plan, the SCAG RTP/ SCS, and State policy.

Project cost: $950,340

Grant award: $600,000

Additionally, $7 million in Adaptation Planning grants were awarded to 21 projects throughout California. These grants will help local and regional agencies conduct adaptation planning in a way to ensure transportation assets are resilient in the face of climate change and extreme weather events. SB 1 will provide a total of $20 million over three years for this grant program.

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