Fix Our Roads Coalition Thanks Governor Brown for Commitment to Transportation Funding in January Budget Proposal

January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017
Sacramento – The Fix Our Roads Coalition responded to the transportation proposal in Governor Jerry Brown’s January budget proposal released today:

“We thank Governor Brown for including transportation funding in his state budget proposal and for his continued commitment to finalize a transportation funding package this year.

“Given the promise made by Governor Brown, Pro Tem de León and Speaker Rendon at the close of the Special Session on Transportation, when they said they would be ‘tackling this issue early in the new year’, the Fix Our Roads Coalition is ready to support the governor and the legislature to get a deal in the next few weeks, not wait until May or June.

“The Fix Our Roads coalition believes a package must include at least $6 billion in new revenues annually to prevent the further deterioration of our local streets and roads and to make a dent in the overwhelming transportation improvement backlog. Additionally, the package needs strong reforms to ensure the money goes to transportation purposes and is responsibly spent.

“It’s no secret the state’s transportation system is declining. Our state highway system has a backlog of $59 billion, and local streets and roads has a backlog of $71.3 billion. The longer we wait to fix small road problems, the bigger and more expensive they become.

“California drivers are paying the price for poorly-maintained roads. According to an August 2016 report from the National Transportation Research Group (TRIP), an inadequate transportation system costs California motorists a total of $53.6 billion every year in the form of additional vehicle operating costs (VOC), congestion-related delays and traffic crashes. That’s an average cost of $2,826 per driver.

“The hard truth is that this issue is not going away and the situation is only going to get worse. The Fix Our Roads Coalition urges the Legislature and Governor Brown to make transportation a priority and pass a funding package sooner, not later.

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