Fix Our Roads Coalition responds to Governor/Legislative leaders regarding transportation funding discussions: “let’s finally get it done.”

November 29, 2016

Nov. 29, 2016

Sacramento – Expressing disappointment but also optimism, the Fix Our Roads Coalition responded to a letter issued last week from Governor Brown and Legislative leaders. The letter from Governor Brown and legislative leadership confirmed that the Special Session on Transportation would end without action. But the leaders also reaffirmed their commitment that a long-term transportation funding package would be a top priority in early 2017.

From the Fix Our Roads Coalition letter:

“ … the Fix Our Roads Coalition, representing hundreds of transportation stakeholders, is extremely disappointed that, once again, a solution to the problem has been delayed. In our opinion, the Special Session on Transportation presented a unique opportunity to negotiate a deal exclusively dedicated to infrastructure and without the distraction of other public policy issues.”

“Regardless, it is gratifying to know that the Administration, Senate and Assembly plan to address our infrastructure and transportation needs as a first order of business in the new session. Further, it is obvious that there is agreement on the sense of urgency associated with meeting our mutual objectives.”

From Fix Our Roads Coalition’s previous statement on the Special Session: “This issue is not going away and the situation is only going to get worse. With California’s roads crumbling, its bridges failing, and its transit and rail systems broken, the Fix Our Roads Coalition urges the Legislature to redouble its efforts and not give up…”

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