Fix Our Roads Coalition Issues Statement in Response to Assembly Republicans’ News Conference

August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Sacramento – The Fix Our Roads Coalition, including cities, counties, labor, business and transportation advocates, issued the following statement today in response to Assembly Republicans news conference this morning on the transportation special session.

“There is no disagreement that more money needs to be dedicated to fix our roads. We support elements of both the Republican and Democrat approach. We support responsible reforms and accountability measures to ensure we’re making the most out of existing transportation dollars.

“However, even with reforms and ending diversions of transportation funds, new money is also needed to address our transportation backlog. We believe any new revenues must be tethered to strong accountability provisions to ensure the money is used appropriately.

“Our highways, streets and roads are falling apart. California drivers pay a hidden tax of $762 per year in additional vehicle repairs because the poor condition of our roads. Waiting to fix problems only allows them to grow worse and more expensive to repair.

“With only two weeks to go, it’s time for compromise and agreement.”

To read the seven principles supported by the Fix Our Roads coalition, go to our website here. There you can also see a list of coalition members.

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