Elk Grove Citizen: City to receive state funds for road resurfacing

September 20, 2017

September 20, 2017
By: Lance Armstrong

The Elk Grove City Council on Sept. 13 received a report on the availability of funding through Senate Bill 1 or the Road Repair and Accountability Act.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 1 last April for the purpose of maintaining and rehabilitating roads; addressing critical safety needs on highways, streets and roads; and providing additional transit assistance.

SB 1 is projected to raise $52.4 billion in its first 10 years, beginning in November 2017 with a 12-cent increase in gasoline excise tax, a 20-cent increase in diesel excise tax and a 4 percent point-of-sale increase in diesel sales tax.

There are eight programs outlined under SB 1, with one of the biggest of those programs, in terms of funding, being the Local Streets and Roads Program.

This program is projected to deliver about $1.5 billion in annual state funding. Of that funding, Elk Grove anticipates $960,000 in the 2017-18 fiscal year, $2.9 million in the following fiscal year, and $3 million for the following three fiscal years.

That additional funding will allow the city to rehabilitate 86 lane miles of pavement within the next five years.

As for the fiscal year 2017-18 funding of $960,000, Rick Carter, the city’s capital improvement program manager, said that the two projects associated with those funds are the Bond Road median improvements and resurfacing project ($860,000) and a revision of the Green Bike Lane Pilot Project ($100,000), which is a safety and traffic improvement project.

The Bond Road project was previously only a median project but was revised to include resurfacing between East Stockton Boulevard and the Laguna Creek Bridge.

The green bike lanes project features the installation of green lane markings at “conflict points” between cars and bikes on Elk Grove Boulevard from the Auto Center Drive intersection to East Stockton Boulevard, and on Laguna Boulevard at the Neosho Drive intersection.

Carter stated that the Sacramento Area Council of Governments informed the city that it should “fully expect to receive $814,000 in grant funds” for its sidewalk infill project along Elk Grove-Florin Road, near Elk Grove Regional Park.

“(Those funds) are another kind of immediate benefit to the city from SB 1,” he said.

Bob Murdoch, the city’s public works director, mentioned the city’s plan to place much emphasis on paving roads.

“From the public works standpoint, the priority for this funding is going to be pavement and general maintenance, but in particular pavement,” he said. “So, we would like to be able to dedicate as much of this funding – this $3-plus million – well into the future to that effort.”

Although the Local Streets and Roads Program places a priority on road maintenance and rehabilitation, the program also supports safety projects, traffic control devices, railroad grade separations, and “complete street” components that accommodate multiple modes of transportation.

Carter said the annual project list is due by Oct. 16, but a redirection of funding only requires the City Council’s approval.

“These reports are disclosure documents,” he said. “The CTC (California Transportation Commission) made a big point that we submit this list of projects, and if the council’s priorities change, if needs happen, and if there’s flooding and you want to use these funds toward road repair for a different project, the CTC is not approving this list.

“The council makes the change by whatever process the council normally does for moving money around with projects.”

Also outlined under SB 1 are: Active Transportation Augmentation ($100 million), Local Partnership Program ($200 million), State Transportation Improvement Program (about $110 million), Solutions for Congested Corridors ($250 million), Trade Corridor Enhancement Account ($300 million), State Highway Operation and Protection Program (about $1.9 billion) and Traffic Congestion Relief Program (about $90 million, one time only).

Carter said that the city is currently seeking additional grants through SB 1.

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